Skiing Mt Fort, Verbier


  • Altitude 3330m
  • 50% Glacier
  • Black run with moguls
  • Vertical decent 380m
  • Run length 1750m
  • Maximum gradient 40 degrees

Mt Fort is the resort of Verbier’s highest lift accessible peak standing at 3330m above sea level, it is not an off piste run, it is a black run, however the top half is not pisted and becomes very challenging moguls but can be fun when skied properly.

I have made this video as a guide for you to use for the access, approach and the skiing of Mt Fort. 

Enjoy my tutorial either before you arrive or once you are in resort as I have explained how the conditions of the snow and the piste can change and why, I also touch on the best route and technique to use to navigate the moguls, so watch, prepare yourself and enjoy.