New Verbier – Ruinettes 2021 lift

Out with the old and in with the new!

The time comes in the life of every telecabine where it is no longer classed as “good”. Even though the trusty Verbier Medran-Ruinettes 6 seater still took us to where we wanted to go, sadly he was a little beaten up, his seats were a little frayed and his doors didn’t quite always close ( fully ), It is time for an upgrade! and in the modern fast pace of life, Verbier wants to get more of us up the mountain and quicker.


So here it is, our new Porsche designed telecabine, look how much bigger and slicker it is, with it’s 10 seats, wider ski pockets for fat skis and more space for snowboards, (excuse the fencing, the Verbier storage is the only place where the comparison can be seen) The new Medran – Ruinettes will get nearly double the amount of us up the mountain. Previous numbers where approximately 1800 people per hour but now we are talking 3600 people per hour. Awesome!


Hopefully this update finds you all booked up and ready to ski & board this winter 2021/22, take care and see you on the slopes.