Skiing Mt Fort, Verbier

Check out my blog on Mont Fort – our iconic mountain! I love it, clients love it. Its on from lifts opening to lifts closing. Its steep, bumpy and a little bit scary. So go and make a name for yourself!

Top Trumps:

  • Altitude 3330m
  • 50% Glacier
  • Black run with moguls
  • Vertical decent 380m
  • Run length 1750m
  • Maximum gradient 40 degrees

Verbier’s Mt. Fort, situated at a lofty altitude of 3,330 meters (10,925 feet) above sea level, is a ski and snowboard paradise nestled within the Swiss Alps. With slopes boasting gradients as steep as 50 degrees, this peak beckons advanced and expert winter sports enthusiasts seeking an adrenaline-fueled challenge. Navigating through moguls, deep powder, and narrow couloirs is essential for conquering Mt. Fort’s exhilarating descents.

What sets Mt. Fort apart is its generous snowfall levels. Located in the Val de Bagnes region, Verbier benefits from consistent snowfall throughout the winter season. This dependable snow cover transforms the slopes into a haven for off-piste aficionados, allowing them to explore testing bumps, off-piste powder and fast chalky conditions so come with your “A” game!

Moreover, Mt. Fort treats visitors to a breath-taking, 360-degree panoramic views of the surrounding Swiss Alps. On clear days, iconic peaks such as the Matterhorn and Mont Blanc grace the horizon, bringing home how close yet so far all these amazing mountains are.

In summary, Mt. Fort in Verbier is a coveted destination for seasoned skiers and snowboarders in search of an exhilarating alpine adventure. Its high-altitude location, challenging slopes, and generous snowfall create an unparalleled experience. However, due to its demanding nature, visitors should possess a high level of skill and experience to fully savour Mt. Fort’s offerings, get it right and you’ll be a legend in the bar, get it wrong and you’ll still be a legend in the bar!!!

I have made this video as a guide for you to use for the access, approach and the skiing of Mt Fort. 

Enjoy my tutorial either before you arrive or once you are in resort as I have explained how the conditions of the snow and the piste can change and why, I also touch on the best route and technique to use to navigate the moguls, so watch, prepare yourself and enjoy.


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