Skiing Mont Gelé, Verbier

I called this blog the Siren, why? Just look at the photo of her, like a big white Mermaid……….how could you not want to go ski, both sides, they are amazing.

Of all the Verbier faces available to ski, from a lift, the front side of Mt Gele is my favourite, I talk up the challenge for some of the other runs but with Mt Gele you really do need to be able and fit enough to take it on!!!

Top Trumps:

  • Altitude 3011m
  • Itinerary run with moguls
  • Vertical decent 541m
  • Run length 2km
  • Maximum gradient 42 degrees

The front side of Mount Gele is an off piste haven for advanced skiers and snowboarders. Here, the central couloir, known for its challenging descent, tests even the most seasoned riders. From the “ridge” to the “bouquetin” the slopes here are steep and demanding, sprinkled with ‘no fall zones’ that demand unerring precision. For those who crave the thrill of conquering intense terrain, this is where you’ll find it.

On the opposite side, the sunny side the itinerary run presents a different kind of adventure. This rugged terrain is a playground for mogul lovers, with natural bumps providing a challenging ride. Hidden couloirs on the backside offer technical descents that keep even the most expert on their toes. And at the end of the run, a vast bowl opens up as it enters Gentienes, inviting riders to explore untouched powder and create their own paths back to the telecabins.

In short Verbier’s Mount Gele presents an exciting contrast. Its front side offers elite riders an exhilarating heart in mouth adrenaline inducing challenge, while the backside welcomes brave adventurers with bumps, couloirs, and a sprawling bowl. It’s a mountain that beckons thrill-seekers and makes Verbier an essential destination for winter sports lovers.


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