Skiing Chassoure Tortin, Verbier

In this blog I aim to give you an insight into the legendary Chassoure-Tortin itinerary run.  The run starts at the col de Chassoure but what is a Chassoure? Good question, I have asked a lot of locals and the best I can find out is that it is an old term for hunting,

to:  Chasse: shahss, f~chase; hunting; sport; pursuit;

is what the dictionary says, all quite fitting as this run does have a feel like it is out to get you! But don’t let me put you off, Tortin is famous for a reason so come ski it and enjoy it so you can tell everyone, ‘oh Tortin, yeah I’ve skied that’

Top Trumps:

  • Altitude 2740m
  • Itinerary run with moguls
  • Vertical decent 696m
  • Run length 1750m
  • Maximum gradient 40 degrees

Tortin? Yes I’ve done that

Verbier’s “Tortin” ski run stands as a true legend in the realm of alpine skiing. This formidable slope, renowned worldwide, beckons seasoned skiers to test their mettle against its challenging terrain. With an entrance that can be described as nothing short of thrilling, Chassoure Tortin offers two distinct routes to access its heart-pounding slopes: the straight-in option and the rollercoaster traverse option.

The straight-in entrance immediately separates the daring from the hesitant. It confronts skiers with a steep, narrow chute that often bears a glacial glaze, big moguls or if you’re lucky, both.  This initial descent is a stern test of nerve and skill, acting as a rite of passage for those who aspire to conquer the Tortin’s unforgiving nature.

Alternatively, the glory bump traverse entrance adds an extra layer of complexity. Skiers maneuver through a rolling traverse that mimics the ups and downs of a rollercoaster, challenging their agility before they even reach the main course. Ticking this off the successful are greeted by a relentless sea of bumps, demanding precision and unwavering balance.

The Tortin’s legendary status has regularly earned it a place in ski magazines must do top 10 ski runs, not to mention numerous office challanges before a company ski trip.  To successfully master the Tortin is a testament to one’s skiing prowess, an achievement that cements its reputation as one of the most iconic runs in the alpine skiing world.

For those seeking an unforgettable adventure and who are willing to face either the straight-in or rollercoaster traverse entrance, Verbier’s Tortin ski run promises an exhilarating, heart-pounding experience that truly defines the essence of alpine skiing, and endless bragging rights.

Enjoy my tutorial either before you arrive or once you are in resort as I have explained how the conditions of the snow and the piste can change and why, I also touch on the best route and technique to use to navigate the moguls, so watch, prepare yourself and enjoy.


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